Today we heard a great talk about The Other Campaign (La Otra Campaña). [After that, Martha, a community leader from San Salvador Atenco came and talked about her experiences when they fought to keep their land from becoming the new international airport.

She gave a graphic account of their struggle (lucha) and the violence and conflict of their story.] It was amazing to hear how Martha can say everything that happened to her home country. In the discussion, I could picture everything she was saying. I thought she was very strong, and now she has more to accomplish and to better her community.

After that discussion we had lunch with Martha. We left to Cuernavaca in an “autobus”; those are always fun. We saw a movie on the autobus which was very funny. When looking out the window, we had not realized we were so high up. It was scary! In the end we got to Cuernavaca and had a group discussion and explored the town. While in the room, something unexpected happened, which Tati is going to talk about.

– Mireya Rios ‘12