As this week in Mexico comes to a close, so many things are swirling in my mind: images of happiness, sadness, joy and pain. Coming into this trip, I never really thought about what I expected to see or feel as we traveled and interacted with different people. I felt this has really worked for me, allowing me to observe and reflect without too many presumptions.

La Estación and the people within this community moved me the most. Vicenta and her children were so beautiful, so beautiful. However, absorbing and learning all that we have has created a relentless fear within me. Forgetting is probably the scariest. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with the American way of life: jobs, school, shopping, sports, and friends. I find it extremely hard to try to balance my commitments back at home to those that I feel involving serving those abroad and those I do not know—parents’ expectations, money, girlfriends/boyfriends, “fitting in,” “being successful”, changing others’ lives, and unending search for education in order to serve.

Many of those closest to us do not understand our willingness and determination to serve others in countries that many [people] never will visit. This sometimes makes it extremely hard, especially when those we love and love us do not understand what stirs us, what calls us. Through the people we have met, Kim, Luke, Abril, and those we already know, Stine and Melissa, I find strength and encouragement to follow what calls me/us.

Mexico is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people and I hope to return soon. The connections and memories I made will stay within me for years to come. Thank you Mexico! ¡Hasta Pronto!

-Logan Paris ‘11