Waking up this morning, we all ate an amazing breakfast, then we met Sister Kathy in the side room. She discussed to us how the U.S. was corrupt in her opinion and “wasting its tax dollars to treat people to commit murder.” [She was giving a talk to the group about the School of the Americas/WHINSIC.] She then discussed a little about the Iraq war which I extremely disagreed with.

After her talk we then walked outside where a group of Artisans selling their products came and gave speeches to us. After each of the talks I really looked at each of them with new respect. I bought two pairs of earrings, a necklace, a bandana, and a walking cane which was awesome.

After this we all got our things and left for the Cuernavaca Bus station; we took the bus back to Mexico City. I slept the whole ride there, which was nice. Once back, we had a discussion after dinner called: “The Wall and the Desert,” referring to the border wall and the beautiful but deadly desert. I did not know that 53% of all farm work done in the U.S. is done by Mexican citizens and the number in California is 90% (many of which are undocumented workers).

As we evolve forward our future, the government is expanding the wall. The “nature of business” [with helping people cross the border] changed, meaning having to have intelligence, places for people to stay, transportation, help from La Otra Banda “the other side,” [making] it extremely difficult to cross the border.

My overall opinion of the week is just amazing. I feel like I’ve learned more about different movements here than I would in the U.S. I love seeing all sides in politics and ethical decisions.

– Nathan Simpson ‘10